Pink Polka Dot Face Mask

Pink Polka Dot Face Mask

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Look good and stay safe while supporting fair trade practices!

Our artisan partners in Thailand create these facemasks using 100% cotton muslin fabric.

Lightweight and breathable, muslin is a tightly woven cotton material. It is washable and re-wearable.

Constructed with three layers of fabric including a filter pocket inside. The outside of the mask is a cotton printed fabric with two more layers of muslin fabric inside for the best protection. * 4.5" T x 9.5" L 

Each has a pocket for charcoal filters (sold separately) 

Free Shipping on Orders over $100
made by hand
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each is made by hand, creating an opportunity and a fair income for others in a dignified way. 

made by hand
naturally dyed

the colour of our products is acquired from natural dyes found in the area where it is produced. 

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