Get To Know A Consultant! Introducing World Changer Elaine Silverthorn

Get To Know A Consultant!  Introducing World Changer Elaine Silverthorn

Our Consultant Community is made up of stylish social entrepreneurs from right across Canada who have said “yes!” to creating a positive impact in their communities and around the world!  


Please let us introduce you to one of the most steadfast members of our Consultant Community:

Elaine Silverthorn from Nepean, Ontario!



Elaine is rocking Peggy Earrings from Morocco & our Casco Scarf from India


We played reporter and Elaine was kind enough to share her answers with us all! 

Elaine lives very close to Ottawa, the nations Capital City. She is a retired teacher, mom and grandma!  As a One Earth Consultant she loves being able to connect with women and inspire those in her community and beyond. 


Why did you join the One Earth Community?

I was looking for a new Canadian social selling company, particularly one with ethically produced products.  I love being able to join my story with One Earth's and give a hand up to families in need. As a Home Economist,  the well being of individuals and families is particularly important to me, and I liked what One Earth stands for. 

Do you feel like being part of One Earth has made your life better?

Yes!  At present I'm working on setting up fundraising events for a church, a dance group, and a professional organization, which should publicize my One Earth business.  Also, with four granddaughters, our Sparkle Slippers, Lolly Headbands and Isabel Pens have raised my 'grandma status' considerably.  

What is your favourite thing about running your One Earth business? 

Every time I open a One Earth box, when it arrives, it feels like a birthday! (Mine and my customers alike!) And knowing that the talented Artisans who produced the products are helped makes for icing on the birthday cake.


What do you love the most about One Earth? 

So many things: the caring support from home office, the beautiful products, the marketing plan, and the stories of the artisans building their businesses in partnership with us.  


Elaine is super elegant in Peggy Earrings and Sucre Necklace, both handmade in Morocco. 


Do you have any style tips for us?

If you put it on, you are able to pull it off. Simple as that! Be confident you’ll hear, “I could never pull that off, but it looks great on you!”

Life is too short to spend time wondering what others will think. If you like it, wear it!


"Being a One Earth Consultant allows me to link arms with other women in Canada and with families all around the world. It empowers me to be a true World Changer! We truly are better together".


Want to join our community of world changing One Earth Consultants – or to learn more? Check out our Join Page. 


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  • Christine Konopelski

    Way to go Elaine! You are rockin’ our One Earth world. You really are a world changer

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