Our Candle Scents

Our Candle Scents

We are always experimenting with new scent blends to bring you the best of the best and something unique that you can enjoy.  

Please know - Our scents are not always available, we make everything small batch. 

Relax (Lavender)- Lavender lovers rejoice, this candle brings relaxation and rest. We make a complex lavender that has had mass appeal to lavender lovers.  We lightly Infuse the lavender essential oil with other natural essential oils orange, lemon + cedarwood.

Leafy (Banff Blend)- Think hot blazing sun along with the fusion of fruits and wild berries.

Fresh (Hike in the Forest)- Inspired by the popular Christmas tree scent, this blend will create the perfect ambience for a quiet evening by the fire. Infused with Fir Balsam + Hike in the Forest essential oil

Witty(Irish Coffee)- Strong coffee, infused with whisky and sultry undertones.

Sweet (Nectarine + Vanilla)- The zesty aroma of oranges + tangy fruit with the mixture of a floral, vanilla, and a creamy coconut base

Fruit Loops-(The classic cereal) This EXACTLY smells like Fruit Loops cereal

Spring (Lavender + Apricot) - Top notes of soothing lavender a bright hint of crisp apples blended with succulent pomelo + it is sun-kissed apricot will remind you of springtime.

Bright (Lavender + Lemon) A classic calming lavender + brightening lemon.

Awake (Fresh Creamy Coffee)- Strong Coffee + a creamy hint of vanilla and caramel. 

Whimsy (Sea Salt + Orchid)- Think of the more luxurious spa you have ever been to.  This is a blend they would use. 

Tradition (Apple + Maple Bourbon)  Top notes of apple, cinnamon, and a hint of orange. Bourbon + butter are the heart of this one, while rich, sweet maple and vanilla finish off this irresistible baked apple dessert. Infused with essential oils of cinnamon leaf, tangerine, mandarin, and orange.

Peach Pie (Peaches + Cinnamon) A Niagara favourite. 

Desert Bloom- A beautifully refreshing blend of fresh flowers + light coconut with a soothing musk and sandalwood base. 

Seaside- Inspired by our visits to Iceland.  This fresh, outdoor scent, where the strength of bergamot, cardamom + yuzu is beautifully tempered by cypress trees + a dusting of peppercorn and black orchid.

Neroli, Lemon + Lime- lime punch + fresh lime sherbet, lemon zest and neroli blossoms garnished with a splash of sweet orange.

Lilac- Let it bring you back to sitting under your favourite lilac tree.

Lemon Cake- If you love the smell of Lemon Pound Cake this is for you.  The sweet hint of buttery pound cake, laced with freshly grated lemon zest creates a treat for the senses in this insatiably delicious blend.

Fall Bliss-  Leading notes of leafy-green stems, bright lemon + warming cedar leaf open to beautiful and complex nuances of rich, wooded pine, spiced harvest fruits and breezy florals.

Sunny-(Blackberry + Bourbon) - the dark and sweet fragrance of juicy blackberry mixed with rich bourbon notes.


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