Tea Berry

Tea Berry

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Cute tea infuser for 1-2 cups of tea

Our Tea Berry infuser features a silicone berry base with a leaf handle for convenience when placing your infuser in a mug or taking it out. This infuser is perfect for making 1-2 cups of tea in a mug or small teapot. Simply fill the berry base with the tea of your choice, put the leaf lid on the base, place it in your mug or teapot and let it steep for desired time. Once steeping has completed, remove and enjoy.

Food-grade Silicone

This cute tea infuser features soft-touch silicone for easy handling after steeping to avoid burning your fingers. The Infuser is food-safe and completely flavour-neutral. The lid is easy to open, close and clean. To clean this infuser, compost your tea leaves; rinse it under hot water and use a soft sponge with a bit of detergent.


Steep to Perfection

The Tea Berry infuser’s holes aren’t designed to brew fine tea leaves. The holes allow the water to get to the leaves but keep most of them in the infuser and out of your cup. Herbal teas work best in this infuser.

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