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Malcolm & Terri-Lynn pictured with our Moroccan Clay Masks on :)

It all started as a Father, Daughter trip to walk across Spain! 

They say be open to possibilities and they will come.  In November 2012, Mal Woodhouse and his daughter Terri-Lynn Woodhouse set off to Europe to complete the Santiago de Compostela (an 800 km walk) across Spain.  Long story short, an illness cut the walk short but the extra time allowed for a whirlwind of travel to some pretty cool and exotic places.   

Perhaps it was the countless plane rides, the train or boat rides or maybe just the camel ride that produced the idea that we can help people and that we are all the same.  Just because we are born in one country does not give us the right to hang our hat nightly and not think of helping others and ourselves, when we can. 

The search for ethically made, high quality products began.   We began our quest to create a more flourishing world.  

The first country we began partnering with Artisans in was Morocco, next Peru & China. Now almost 4 years later we have partnerships with Artisans in Morocco, Peru, China, India, Uganda, Indonesia, Chile, Guatemala, Kenya & Nepal.  

In three short years we have grown to almost 300 World Changing Consultants across Canada, passionate people who are sharing our story and building their own One Earth Businesses in their Communities as well as being a stocklist to fine boutiques across North America & India.   

Our People Helping People mantra runs strong throughout our company ->  this also resonates at home, in Canada.  In July 2016, we launched our Canadiana & Americana Marketplaces.  Our curated collection is made up of beautiful products made by Artisans in communities right across North America.  

In March 2017 we opened our Flagship Centre In Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, a space in the old town to shop, create your own Organic Argan Oil Spa Products, learn about our story or take a Workshop.  

We are doing our best to make the world seem smaller and to make sure it's more flourishing for all.