Consultant Starter Kit - Start Your OE Business!

Start your OE Business!

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Join now for only $75 & get a $100 Gift Card to build your Kit. 
Plus as an Affiliate  you get 30% off your purchases your first month and 25% thereafter. 
People Helping People, that's what we are about! 
We are so excited that you are joining our Affiliate Community. 

It's all about YOU!  You can be part-time, full-time or flex time!

  • Save 25% off your personal purchases
  • Earn 25-40% on your web sales.
  • Be your own boss, determine your own success
  • Have a flexible schedule
  • National Training & Support
  • Opportunities for one of a kind incentives from our Artisans
  • Opportunities for exciting rewards & travel
  • No minimums or sales quotas
  • Have your own personalized One Earth website for online sales
  • A Back Office to track fulfillment and party sales
  • Free e-marketing materials

You earn 25-40% on what you sell.

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each is made by hand, creating an opportunity and a fair income for others in a dignified way. 

made by hand
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the colour of our products is acquired from natural dyes found in the area where it is produced. 

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