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CLEANSE- Face Wash & Make up Remover & Cleanser

$26.00 CAD

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Our Cleanse Lotion gently removes make up and excessive oil and dirt without drying your skin. The Argan Oil locks in moisture and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. 

It's a trusted product of CBS and CMT TV Makeup Rooms. 

It's perfect for everyday use, simply massage wet face and rinse off, or apply lotion to your makeup and wipe off with a tissue.

Use just a small amount, a little goes along way. 

Sizes: 240 ml 8 oz


Ingredients: distilled water, sesame oil, argan oil, non-fat dried milk, glycerin, coconut oil, carbomer, sodium citrate, bergamot essential oil, lemon verbena essential oil, gardenia essential oil & jasmine essential oil. 

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