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CLEAN- Argan Oil Soap Bars

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The last bar of soap you will ever want! A soothing blend of natural Argan Oil and Essential Oils. Ethically and sustainably produced by a Woman's Co-op in Morocco. Safe for daily usage. 

Argan Oil Facts:
  • Argan Oil has long been referred to as "liquid gold"
  • Made from the Argan nut, which grows on the Argan tree - This tree only grows in Southwestern Morocco
  • The Argan forests were declared a UNESCO protected biosphere in 1998 - This is a sustainable product
  • It requires one woman nearly 3 full days of manual labour to product one litre of Argan Oil

Ingredients:  Water, Salt, Argan Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Beta Carotine, Tetrasodium & Essential Oil

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