SLS Free- Why is it important?

SLS Free- Why is it important?

Looking back now, I guess it was a natural progression for us to launch our hair care line. Heck, we built a business around Argan Oil. 

Over four years ago we started One Earth with Argan Oil being a major cornerstone of our entire business model. Funny enough, essential oils and skin creams were part of our line from day one as well.  Today we still proudly hold true to those values and provide All Natural, Organic Products based in Argan Oil, from our Artisan Partners in Womens Co-ops across Morocco.  

This Spring we were asked to formulate a premium line of Shampoo & Body Washes for Niagara-on-the-Lake Vacation Rentals to provide to their thousands of guests that visited their properties. Our final product were hotel sized, well the love and demand was huge for larger sizes- so here we are with our 500 ml launch :)  

So back to the original question- what makes SLS free products better?  

Sulfates are inexpensive chemicals used by companies to provide grease-cutting cleaning power and lather in our shampoos and detergents. You will see them in ingredients lists with the names "sodium lauryl sulfate" (SLS) and/or "sodium laureth sulfate". They cause skin irritations, dandruff and dry out the hair and scalp all while fading chemical colours.  

It's well known how great Argan Oil is for your hair so here we are with our SLS Free Shampoo and Conditioners- both have essential oils and of course argan oil.  Through this journey we have managed to let thousands of people across Canada and the USA fall in love with our Argan Oil, not only for their hair but for skin too!  

We believe in All Natural Products that truly live up to our motto of People helping People. Give them a try you won't be disappointed.  


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