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  • SLS Free- Why is it important?

    Looking back now, I guess it was a natural progression for us to launch our hair care line. Heck, we built a business around Argan Oil.  Over four years ago we started One Earth with Argan Oil being a major cornerstone of our entire business model. Funny enough, essential oils and skin creams we... View Post
  • The Benefits of Lemongrass

    Our Argan Oil Body Whip for June combines the healing and moisturizing powers of Argan & Peach Kernel Oils with a favourite essential oil, lemongrass.   This month we chose Lemongrass because we know with this beautiful weather we will all be outside more and needing a natural insect repellan... View Post
  • Your Skin will love you for it! The benefits of Prickly Pear Oil

                            Prickly Pear Oil benefits the skin with it’s exceptional hydrating, and anti-aging properties. Brought to us by our Artisan Partners in Morocco, Prickly Pear contains the most Vitamin E of any beauty oil on the market (150% more than Argan Oil), and the highest perc... View Post