Cracked Heels? Be gone!!

Cracked Heels?  Be gone!!

It's spring time in Canada and we all know that brings dry skin and those painful cracked heels!  


We have a solution!  

Have you tried our all natural Black Soap?  It's super great for exfoliating, it's also super great for helping alleviate painful skin conditions including cracked, dry skin. 


Before & After (three uses)


What you need:

1) One Earth Black Soap

2) A pair of thick warm socks


How you do it:

1) Before bed apply a thick layer of black soap on your heels, immediately put a pair of thick socks on and voila!  Get some well earned rest.  Make sure to be careful you don't slip or get your feet wet.  

2) The next morning take off your socks and shower as normally (again be careful you don't slip, black soap with water gets slippery!).  


You should notice a big difference in one night, if your heels are still a little cracked repeat as many times as necessary!  

Check out our Black Soap by clicking here! 


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