Our Artisan Partners

We work with some of the most amazing people on this earth!!  Our Artisan Partners are super talented and by purchasing One Earth products you support providing a sustainable income for them.  Experience the stories of the folks that bring to life, our amazing products and the people whose lives are changing because of your purchases.




Ketty is an artist and a leader. She uses her leadership skills to advise, encourage and educate other women in Uganda. Ketty is our main Ugandan contact who contacts the other groups for us, arranges Skype dates, follows up on orders and helps with banking.  We love her joyful attitude, her honesty and her willingness to give of her time and talents so generously. 



Geeta works in New Delhi. The oldest of 7 children, she had to leave school early to help support her family.  She began studying making jewellery even without any knowledge.  

Geeta now helps to teach other women in her community. The fair wage she earns has enabled her to help support her family, and to continue sending her younger siblings to school.


Punam sits among friendly faces and colorful saris, smiling and proud of her contribution. Two years ago, Punam learned to bead from a family artisan cooperative in her neighborhood, and since then they have helped her family earn enough to survive. Punam’s family could not afford the dowry for her marriage - her mother is sick and her father cannot work regularly due to a chronic illness. Since working, she was able to pay her dowry as well as her mother’s medical treatments. Working in the cooperative means she is able to provide for herself as well as her family while remaining in a safe, caring environment.