Our Leadership

Terri-Lynn Woodhouse,

Our Co-Founder & Chief World Changer


Terri-Lynn grew up in Thorold, Ontario, Canada.  An avid traveller from the beginning and a child who was keenly aware of world issues from the start.  She watched the CBC every single day and always wondered why she was so lucky to call Canada home.  

As she grew up her education & career took her first across Canada and ultimately to the United States, where she travelled extensively and worked for some very recognizable Brands.  She led teams in Operations, Training, Marketing & Sales.  

It was that hike across Spain (The Camino de Santiago), in 2012 & that chance trip to Morocco that changed everything.  She knew she had a new passion, to create a company that allows for lots of entrepreneurship, around the world.  She realized that entrepreneurship was a sustainable solution to poverty & a way to create a more flourishing world.  And if you can help, you should!  

The rest is history- She packed up her bags in the USA and headed home to Canada.  One Earth was born and so was a pathway out of poverty for our over 600 (and growing Artisan Partners).  

Today at One Earth, Terri-Lynn spends her days inspiring others to live lives of purpose and passion. She travels and communicates across Canada and around the world, encouraging and offering training to Artisan Partners & Consultants to grow their businesses.  She encourages others to share our stories, grow their businesses and be entrepreneurs.  She truly believes we are all the same.  

Prior to One Earth, Terri-Lynn held senior positions with major corporations across North America, started her own consulting firm and volunteered many places.  She holds a BA from Brock University as well as Post Graduate Certificates from Mohawk & Sheridan Colleges. She is also a Graduate of Walt Disney University. 


Malcolm Woodhouse, 

Our Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer


Malcolm is passionate about the role of business and the role it has creating meaningful opportunity, especially for the global poor. 

Malcolm's entire career has been in the public service.  Known as an outspoken nice guy with a good head on his shoulders and a great vision all through.  It was the hike across Spain and the chance trip to Morocco when he really understood how he could transform his skills after retirement into a company that would literally change the world for many.  

Prior to Co-Founding One Earth with Terri-Lynn in 2012, Malcolm held Finance and Leadership roles at Cities, Regions & Schools in Ontario.  He also was elected to public office many times.  

Malcolm is a Director on the Thorold Business Council (our hometown) and still volunteers extensively. 


If you would like Terri-Lynn or Malcolm to speak at your event, please just email us at info@one1earth.com and we will do our best :)