What We Believe

Be Honest

Honesty is a way of life – both as it applies to the integrity of our relationships and in being true to you. And, it's a standard we encourage throughout our support centre team, our artisans, our consultants, and our clients. We try and make each day a little more fulfilling, inspired, and better for us all. 


Show Beauty

Together with our artisans, we design our products to add to the beauty of your surroundings. We play with rich and deep colours, whimsical details, modern shapes, and multi-cultural inspirations. Our designs are always unique and made with a little bit of love. 


Always Improve

Our products are unique, they are made by hand.  That takes history, skill and craftsmanship.  Handmade items, while gorgeous and unique take special care.  Our artisans craft products that will perform to the highest standards of effectiveness.  Products that exceed expectations.  Products that delight you and you can marvel at.  Products that you can be proud of.  We are relentless in the pursuit to be attentive to every detail while honouring our artisans history and culture.


Service is Important

Exceptional service is important, and we go above and beyond. We believe in trust that can be built through incredible service. Knowing when to say "sorry", and being dedicated to making it right...all with a big smile is important. Serving you better is also about listening and being open  – that's when we have the opportunity to learn the most (so thank you).



We believe if you can make an amazing product without harming people or the planet, you should. We feel a tremendous responsibility to this planet we call home and the artisans we work with. We seek to inspire new solutions, reduce our collective impact, cause no unnecessary harm, and make products that are produced ethically, paying a fair wage to the artisans. We believe in training them to prepare and produce for a North American clientele.  It all matters, to us, to them. 

Just Be There

For our consultants, for our artisans, for our clients and each other.  We strive to make our products as affordable as possible. Accessibility is a promise to openly listen to you & collaborate–so that with you, we can continually become better and always improve.

Give Back More

We are committed to corporate social responsibility – taking selfless actions that benefit others. This includes charitable partnerships and running fundraisers across Canada.  


What is life without it?  Regardless if you are in Peru, Morocco or Canada we all share a common language..laughter and smiles!

We believe we all share One Earth.