Stain Sticks
Stain Sticks

Stain Sticks

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Say goodbye to pesky stains and more with these all-natural Stain Sticks!

How to use: Wet the stain stick (hot water works best) and rub it on the stain (both sides of the garment or item if possible) From there a simple 10-20 minute soak is all you need and toss it in the laundry.

Our Stain Sticks remove deep-rooted stains like red wine and ketchup with ease, while their biodegradable coconut oil content is gentle on delicate surfaces like carpets and walls.


Laundry Whitening: When you need an extra whitening boost, just throw a small piece of one in with your regular laundry load! 

Leather Cleaning: Clean your shoes or remove the dye transfer of your leather jacket or purse by applying stick directly to the area.  Wipe with a clean cloth. 

Grease Build-Up in your home: Melt a small amount in hot water and add to a spray bottle - use for your kitchen hood, carpets + car seats and let sit for 5 minutes and wipe away with a clean cloth. 

Mold Removal (Fridge Cleaning): Wet your stain stick and apply directly to mold, let sit for 5 minutes and wipe away with a clean cloth.

Our trusty Stain Sticks, ready to save the day in alot of ways but make sure to try a spot test first.

6 stain sticks in a glass jar. 

Ingredients: coconut oil, washing soda, distilled water, argan oil


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