Host a Pop Up Party

When you host a Pop-Up Party, you invite people in your community to shop for beautiful products, loose leaf tea & spa products handmade by Artisans around the world. A One Earth Consultant will share the stories behind our inspired collection.

By hosting a Pop-Up Party, you create a marketplace for Artisans living in vulnerable communities around the world.

Earn Free One Earth Products & help us change the World! 


What is an OE Party like?

An OE party is where you and your friends can shop for beautiful, handmade pieces made by Artisans around the world.  You will also get styling and culture tips from a One Earth Consultant. You will discover the stories of the talented Artisans who make our pieces. By shopping, you and your friends will create dignified jobs & opportunity in vulnerable communities around the world. Our Collection includes Organic Loose Leaf Tea, All Natural Spa Products, Jewellery, Accessories, Shoes and so much more!! Truly something for everyone and every budget.  There is zero pressure for your guests to buy anything.  

Where can I host an OE Party? 

You can host an OE Party anywhere, not just in your home! Any space where you can gather friends and give your Consultant room to set up a beautiful display of OE Products could work. We have had OE Parties at coffee shops, offices, schools, churches and more. Contact your Consultant to talk about options in your community.  We also have online parties and basket party options. 

How much space do I need to host a Party?

You don't need a big house to host a Party! Your Consultant will need a space where they can set up samples.  If you are having a tea party or spa party access to water will be needed. 

How do I find an OE Consultant?

Easy! Just click HERE and fill in the Contact Us Form and we will connect you with a Consultant in your area. 

Who can host an OE Party? 

Anyone can host! You just have to be willing to gather your friends and invite them to make a difference and be a World Changer. 

When can I host an OE Party?

You can host an OE Party on a weekday or a weekend, during the day or in the evening. OE Parties are a great reason to gather friends for a play date or a night out. Ask your OE Consultant about their availability! There is never a perfect time when everyone can come. Check your calendar ahead of time for other events, choose a date and invite your friends with confidence – you are giving them an opportunity to make a difference! 

Will I get to see the entire OE Collection at my Party?

One Earth Parties are the best way to see our gorgeous collection in person. Your Consultant will bring their unique selection of our Collection. They will also bring our gorgeous Lookbook so you can discover the entire collection! Plus you can always shop and view our Lookbook online.

How do I prepare for my OE Party?

Before your guests arrive, clear a space where your Consultant can set up their display. Your Consultant will bring everything else! When it comes to food and drinks, our best advice is to keep it simple. Make a pot of coffee or tea or open a bottle of wine, set out some fruit, cheese or dessert, and make your friends feel welcome. 

How far in advance should I plan my One Earth Party? 

It is never too early to get something on the books! Your Consultant will help you set a date. We think at least two or three weeks is enough time to gather friends. 

What if some of my friends can't make it?

You can always invite your friends to shop online as a part of your Party! Your Consultant will give you the details of how this works to make sure you receive credit for any online orders.

Can I host a Party with a friend?

While you are welcome to get friends or family involved in helping you host an OE Party, only one person may earn Hostess Rewards. Contact your Consultant for more details.

How long will it take for our new One Earth products to arrive?

After your guests write down their orders at your OE Party, your Consultant will place the orders through our website. Our Home Office team based in Thorold, Ontario will pack the orders with love. They will be delivered via Canada Post within 3 weeks. 

Host a Pop-Up Party & Join our Story! 

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