BEST SELLER - Prickly Pear & Argan Oil Face Butter
BEST SELLER - Prickly Pear & Argan Oil Face Butter
BEST SELLER - Prickly Pear & Argan Oil Face Butter

BEST SELLER - Prickly Pear & Argan Oil Face Butter

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Essential Oil
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Our Prickly Pear & Argan Oil Face Butter is a luxurious blend of two of nature's finest elixirs, rich in unscented, nutrient-rich hydration.

This rich, but lightweight cream, quickly absorbs into the skin, imparting instant glow and abundance of moisture. Perfect for all skin types, it has no Parabens, Sulfates or Phthalates and is vegan, gluten-free and cruelty-free.

Choose the 120ml or 60ml recyclable container for an indulgent, buttery touch of hydration.

What is Prickly Pear Oil? 

Our BEST SELLER is here! Enjoy Prickly Pear & Argan Oil Face Butter, infused with the centuries-old healing properties of Berber Fig oil, cold-pressed and boasting high concentrations of Omega-6 fatty acids, carotenoids, Vitamins C and E, and powerful antioxidants. Pamper your skin with these luxurious, exclusive ingredients and experience its rejuvenating, toning effects.

What does Prickly Pear help with? 

  1. Restores Skin- The Oleic Acid in this carrier oil combats free radical damage, reducing the appearance of dark spots that can occur over time.

  2. Hair Care - Prickly Pear oil has anti-inflammatory properties ideal for replenishing the scalp. It is also high in vitamin E and acts a natural hair conditioner to fight frizz.

  3. Hydration - Prickly Pear Seed Oil can retain water in the driest of conditions.(hence is comes from a cactus plant) Lather on our Prickly Butter right after stepping out of the shower to hold in all that moisture for optimally nourished skin.

  4. Tightens Pores - Essential fatty acids in Prickly Pear Oil keep the collagen layer of your skin moist and healthy, this keeps your pores tight.

  5. Brightens Dark Spots - This oil is unparalleled in its ability to brighten the skin and get rid of dark spots. Vitamin K helps lighten dark under-eye circles and minimize spider veins.

  6. Slows Skin Aging - Prickly Pear contains the highest levels of Betalains of any known plant.  Betalains are super antioxidants with powerful anti-aging effects.

  7. Prevents Wrinkles - Prickly Pear Oil has a high Vitamin E content.

  8. It Will Not Clog Your Pores - A high (60%) Linoleic Acid content and a low (20%) Oleic Acid content makes this oil non-comedogenic meaning it will not clog your pores and lead to breakouts.

  9. Reduces the appearance of Acne - It is also rich in amino acids, which stimulate collagen production to promote faster cell turnover to heal and renew your skin.

  10. It works for all skin types - Whether you have dry skin, sensitive skin, or mature skin, prickly pear seed oil is perfect. 

Ingredients:  Argan Oil, Prickly Pear Oil, Soy Butter, Essential Oils (if scented)

Customer Reviews

Prickly Pear face cream is my favorite!! All of the products are amazing and make one feel pampered!

Colleen P.

A beacon of hope for small business. The owners really dedicate themselves to their mission and it shows. If you want to save the world a little bit, shop for your essentials here.

Will C.

I am totally in love with the Smoky Vanilla Oud lotion, shampoo & conditioner...and the soaps and the lovely bracelet! Thanks One Earth

Michelle F.

Local family business of NOTL with amazing products and customer service. Their quality in product always brings me back.

Selma P.

Such a beautiful store! The candles smell amazing and the body butters are very moisturizing! The owner is very kind and helpful too!